Arsenal Could Move For Raul Jimenez & WSL Cancelled! | AFTV News Daily, Early Edition

Arsenal Could Move For Raul Jimenez & WSL Cancelled! | AFTV News Daily, Early Edition

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  1. Robbie you dumb ass, if Martinelli becomes world class, Manchester United will take him away from your pathetic banter club or another big club mate so don't get too excited too much HAHAHAHA

  2. No to Coutinho. Jimenez has about 13 goals so is that enough for Arsenal to spend big money on. Clubs find good players when they don't have place in European competition so why can't Arsenal.

  3. Where was Auba in last year’s Europa League final? You guys overrated these players too much! He shouldn’t even have been on 180k in the first place plus a three year contract 🤨

  4. Arsenal hit its peak while Wenger was there, if he wasn’t you would have fallen even further and you guys chased him out the door….you guys need to accept what you really are and will continue to be….a mid table team that pushes for Europa 👍🏼
    Robbie would still say big club if you finish bottom half of the table for the next 10 years 🤣

  5. 26:15 That's how big clubs do business. Arsenal isn't a big club anymore. Yes we got a big fan base, big stadium and a big money owner. That doesn't make you a big club. Big clubs make big moves!

  6. I like Arsenal, but I wouldn’t want my Mexican people to play for you guys. You never gave Vela a chance and that has stuck with me. London in General I dislike for any Mexican to play

  7. They would never cancel it without handing things out like winner, champs league and relegation….if they just voided then who plays where and in what tournaments next season??? I agree this is why it must be finished but it’ll never get voided and forgotten as much as arsenal would like that 🤣. Think Don Robbie

  8. Don robbie I love this channel and its content but regarding the wenger comments it's clear he delivered it exactly the way he was meant to. He shows by that statement he was hurt beyond repair by the fans actions towards him. I wanted him out too dont get me wrong but the way a lot of people were voicing their opinions were infact classless. Though you yourself never went for him and I respect you for that, this channel allowed a lot of unbalanced hate towards wenger! He will not come back and I dont blame him. We should be ashamed of ourselves as fans imo.

  9. Coronavirus has affected most economies and football has been affected big time. It has levelled the market to a point that top players like Dembele of Baca cost 30-50Mil. Average players will likely to cost 5-20MIL. this means arsenal just need to buy three 30mil top players like Dembele

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