Will Arsenal Be Able To Keep Their Best Players? | AFTV News Daily feat Graham

Will Arsenal Be Able To Keep Their Best Players? | AFTV News Daily feat Graham

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camiseta real madrid barata Correcto. Es lo que me esperaba ni más ni menos . No se si es original, pero da el pego totalmente

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  1. Kolasniac, Mustafi, Mkytarian ,Sokratis, Elneny, Holding… (A youngster… possibly AMN 15 or ESR cash flow purposes) keep lacca and abu……stuck with ozil….

  2. I think players should be given a reduction in their overall wage. However I believe that they should be given contracts in their performance. So attackers in goals and assists but I’m not sure how it would work for defenders.

  3. We can make 100 mill easy from dead wood and expiring contracts this year if we sell right. We can even go above that if we sell smartly as most of our players will sell for a high price. Auba, laca , ozil just to name a few that would generate a ton of money for us. And we can’t keep buying a lot of players for a low price. It’s doesn’t work.

  4. Jeez this was a long one but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Big up Graham for coming on. He is a real pleasure to listen to and he speaks nothing but sense. Keep it going bro. Will catch you tomorrow morning. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your evening. Good night.

  5. No I don't think we will to be honest. Auba will leave in the summer. I know it sounds muggy but that's the truth. He ain't signing the ting people. I also thing Torreira will leave and honestly, I wouldn't shed a tear if he leaves. He isn't good enough and I feel like we need that physical presence in the middle of the park like a Doucore or even a Partey. I think the best thing we can do this summer is sell a lot of these dead players.

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