Today we continue our journey to level 100 and I BETRAY MY TEAM!

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equipacion real madrid niño barata Esta muy bien la camiseta. Fue para un regalo y esta muy chula. Quedo encantado con ella y el material me gustó.

43 comentarios sobre “LEVEL 0 TO 100 IN ARSENAL! (TRAITOR) – EP.19 (ROBLOX)”

  1. You only get those kill montages because you are in noob servers and you are lucky. You literally run right in front of them and move from side to side most of the time and the other team is to trash to kill you. Additionally, you run with your knife out and switch back to it right when you can clearly see them. You are lucky you usually do not die doing that idiotic tactic. You are very reckless.

  2. After lots of matches today
    I finally got from lvl 192 to lvl 193
    I always look your video and ask how do you quick scope so quick?
    And now I noticed that I can do it rlly quick too
    But Ure still much better
    Imma now train more to only lend head shots

  3. Bandites: gets so many headshots in a row without dying and stays quiet

    Me: gets so many headshots in a row without dying and freaks out and runs to my moms room, pulls her out of her bed to show her

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