Selling Aubameyang and Kane would HELP Arsenal and Spurs! ► TFW

TFW returns with all of your latest opinions on the footballing world! Will Spurs and Arsenal be better without Kane and Aubameyang? Can Henderson replace De Gea at Man United? Is Firmino over-rated and why aren’t defenders like Pavard appreciated more?

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35 comentarios sobre “Selling Aubameyang and Kane would HELP Arsenal and Spurs! ► TFW”

  1. The reason richarlison makes so many more interceptions ect. is because he needs to win the ball back so much more as Everton have less possession than Liverpool do with Firminio. When Liverpool do lose the ball though, Firminio is quick to win it back but Liverpool lose the ball less making his stats lower.

  2. selling De gea makes sense now as hell fetch good money now he is 29 now so selling him would get us 50-60 million and Henderson could be brought back to united as no.1

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