Aubameyang sparks contract rumours at Arsenal (Curtis Shaw TV)

After Aubameyang went on Instagram live with Kevin prince boateng he was asked about a potential new deal at arsenal and gave an interesting response.

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  1. I appreciate your content and you keepin us fans update.
    If the Kroenkes are in charge, I would not sign, if I was Auba.
    Reason: If you love Arsenal, and you see that fans are fooled year by year, you have to do something about it.
    Bring about a breakdown, cause this is what Arsenal need.
    Bring about a complete economic desaster in order to force the Kroenkes out.
    We are in this metastable state of irrelevance with economic profit, this is not gonna end.
    I have enough of this, not now, but 10 years ago.
    One question to everyone of you:
    Would you prefer ending up 5th or 6th for the next 10 years (cause that is clearly what the Kroenkes are aiming),
    or a horrific clash with place 12th-15th and then force a restart or boykott by a unified fanbase?

  2. Curtis I sadly don´t think he will sign a new contract, and if he don´t we need to sell him this transfer window. I don´t wanna see another player run down his contract and leave as a free agent next summer. Btw big up bro and great content

  3. Sell him put faith in lacca and give him a boost plus martinelli he's the future,pepe will step into the limelight once auba has gone I'm sure,use the money to improve our weak defence, go get upermancano at all costs,a CDM and top right and your family stay safe Curtis peace.

  4. Big up Curtis.
    Disappointing but expected. True, his next deal is his last and he needs to try win the CL and a league title. We will be fine. Sell him and put Martinelli through the middle.

  5. He's staying. Noone's really buying him. Barca getting Lutaro and Neymar. Madrid not signing him. Bayern won't sign him and neither will PSG. Who's left? Premier league? I don't see anyone there would go for him either

  6. I think this confirms that Auba is leaving. I have said a lot of times that I can't see him staying beyond the summer. People will have to accept that. He is just trying to stay in the fans' good books before leaving for Real Madrid. It's sad but it's what it is

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