Phillipe Coutinho to Arsenal? It’s impossible! – Julien Laurens | Premier League

ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens and Alejandro Moreno join Dan Thomas once again discuss Philippe Coutinho’s possible next move, with Arsenal the latest club to be mentioned as a possible location for the Brazilian. Laurens says because of Coutinho’s wage demands it’d be “impossible” for the move to happen. Moreno argues potential suitors may be limited because he feels Coutinho’s performances at Bayern Munich have “fallen off a cliff,” which will make it more difficult for Barcelona to offload the diminutive midfielder in the summer.

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47 comentarios sobre “Phillipe Coutinho to Arsenal? It’s impossible! – Julien Laurens | Premier League”

  1. He certainly has to show that he s not finished as a top player. With a big club or a lesser club. As a Barca fan I m very disappointed. He was supposed to replace Iniesta, but was never even close.

  2. Oh come on this Alejandro Moreno, I don't know why ESPN still has this guy!
    Has no experience of top flight football and he's talking about Coutinho, who plays for the biggest teams in the world..
    And I can clearly see this guy has some kinda hate towards Arsenal and anything connected to Arsenal, I have noticed this for years now..
    Please stop featuring this guy ESPN!

  3. He's going to have to settle for a mid table club and take a huge pay cut ? Why exactly ? He's got a contract at Barca until 2023. He doesn't have to settle for anything, Barca does if they want to get him out.

  4. I don't see how his stats translate to flop in barcelona. 20 goals 11 assist in 80 games. Compared to 50 goals 30 assist in 150 games I don't see the great drop off. I think people don't know what kind of player coutinho is. Barcelona didn't know, bayern didn't know either. They excpected a direct winger type. He is a creator plain and simple. Probes the defense until space opens up for him or his teammates. Him nd isco r probably 2 of the best at what they do. U don't measure their output on stats like g nd asst. Look at his direct nd indirect chances created that lead to a goal. Completed positive dribbles. Positive passes etc. Clubs should research b4 splashing big money

  5. Coutinho need to ring Up Klopp and tell him and the players how SORRY he is that he leave them and the way he did. Then BEG Klopp to take him back and he'll take less money than he was getting when he left us with performance base bonuses.

  6. Dude is talking like Coutinho is this big superstar. He'd be lucky if a team like Arsenal is interested. The look on Laurens face when the guys said they wouldnt go near Coutinho. Hahahaha, shame.

  7. Can someone please tell me how in the world did coutinho play badly for Barcelona…he scored goals an got assists…how was he a flop? …his stats at Barca are good..I don't understand why people are calling him a bad signing…it's like you have to outscore Messi now days for Barca to keep you

  8. Well this is the problem with this Julien. How can you be so sure that it won’t happen? Your a pundit man and I will advise you use some uncertainty words rather than being too certain. If arsenal can pay 70 million for Pepe so why can’t they pay 90 million for coutinho

  9. Anyone else baffled by how much ESPN hate Coutinho? His stats for Bayern aren't bad at all, especially when you consider he is behind Muller and Gorteska. He was misused at Barca as well. Would personally love to have him at Arsenal if possible.

  10. I knew coutinho and griezmann wouldn’t fit and fail, but I thought bartomeu wpuld get fired over it… spending that 200+ neymillions 3sec after getting, when he said he wasn’t gonna spend it all immediately!

  11. His stats are still good. Yet, people act like he’s not doing well. I think the price he went to Barcelona for and the way it happened has haunted his image. I’ve still always enjoyed watching him play.

  12. I watch these ESPN shows for entertainment to see what idiotic things they are going to say. Put coutinho's minutes played instead of games and you will have a different story. It's easy to show stats that deceive and diss him. Shake hislop the only good person I seen on the show.

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