Arsenal Open Talks For Coutinho & Eyeing Hotshot Milik! | AFTV News Daily, Early Edition

Arsenal Open Talks For Coutinho & Eyeing Hotshot Milik! | AFTV News Daily, Early Edition

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42 comentarios sobre “Arsenal Open Talks For Coutinho & Eyeing Hotshot Milik! | AFTV News Daily, Early Edition”

  1. Arsenal need some steal in the middle, have done since Gilberto left
    any back 4 will look week with no Protection in front
    4 years of xhaka and he has never been good enough
    I like lacca but if arsenal could swap Partey for him
    I believe arsenal will benefit

  2. Coutinho was overrated at Liverpool , don’t get me wrong he was decent but besides the odd worldie he wasn’t worth half that transfer fee , that ended him … It’s probably why Barca and Bayern haven’t worked out

  3. Coutinho would be a fantastic amazing midfielder for us he be creative and attacking on the ball and give a hard time to other teams when we attack them and milk would be a really good replacement if Aubmayeng leaves

  4. No way Robbie! Fabregas was already 16 when he came to Arsenal in 2003. He made his debut that very season and became an invisible. How's that him coming through the academy?

    By the way, the best talent to have come out of the Arsenal academy is Ashley Cole

  5. Coutinho is like the fat geeky kid at PE in school right now, no one wants him . I was gutted when he left liverpool , I think hes a great player and would do a good job for any club if they give him time.

  6. Coutinho to arsenal is hilariously not gonna happen. This rumour is fuelled by coutinho’s agent to put coutinho on the market for a champions league team

  7. Just pay Auba what he wants, but we know Arsenal won't do that. But then that did backfire with Ozil so what do I know? Also to the chap who asked about the most underrated legend, Gilberto Silva was a great answer, I'd add Ray Parlour, Martin Keown and Lauren (he tackled like a flippin' chainsaw!)

  8. Alan Smith is the most underrated people all talk about Wright Henry and bergkamp smithy won 2 golden boots 2 league titles and fa Cups and cup winners cup people need to talk more and Alan smith

  9. step backwards considering he is lost his form and low confidence… arsenal a therapy clinic or a football club?
    Get a game changer top class and pay what it takes.

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